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We are KeenAlignment, a full service Workforce Optimization, Cultural Alignment and Strategic HR consulting firm. Our unique HR consulting services focus on shaping constructive corporate culture, elevating leadership and unleashing the wealth of talent in organizations and in the world. 

Our founding product and service offering, Conscious Hiring®, revolutionizes how companies and people come together and ultimately elevates workforce productivity and employee engagement. Our Cultural Alignment programs are designed to elevate awareness, collaboration, workability and effectiveness of the human system as a whole. Our 21st century Leadership and Executive Development programming brings new levels of partnership and alignment between leaders and those they lead.       

What it means to be a Keen Consultant

Our unique community of external consultants is comprised of various types of professionals:

  • Transformational Culture and Leadership Program Leaders
  • Executive/Leadership Performance Coaches
  • Strategic HR Consultants

Our internal high-performance service delivery teams are comprised of:

  • Constructive Culture Evangelist/Solutions Architects
  • Workforce Optimization and Strategic HR Service Delivery Consultant/Account Management 
  • Apprentice Consultants

We are committed that you love consulting with KeenAlignment and that you have the opportunity to shine. 

  • You are upbeat, energetic, fully present and well-organized.
  • You are at the core an external-facing service-oriented professional with a desire to gain mastery in 21st Century Leadership, Constructive Culture and Workforce Optimization Strategies.
  • You are an efficient worker with a strong track record of achieving results, and developing and maintaining relationships while juggling high-priority responsibilities and projects.
  • You pride yourself on your excellent follow-up and follow through skills, as well as your quick wit and ability to learn new processes with ease.
  • You enjoy being part of a team with a big vision and compelling purpose. 

We serve companies in highly competitive markets including sales, technology, and professional services. 

Our one-of-a-kind value proposition is designed to enable our customers to realize their full potential. 

We offer a great compensation and benefit plan, excellent training, as well as an opportunity to learn, get certified and work with a highly competent group of game changers. 


Keen’s Certified People Consultants Training Program Testimonials

“This training not only grounded me on what Keen Does, the value it provides, the way it is delivered, the real value was on the mindset and the being of what it takes to actually do the work of transformation. Many people speak of transformation, we deliver it and have the measures to prove it and show what it looks like.”

Mike Shereck
Executive Coach

“I came away with a clear understanding of the mission of KeenAlignment and the current cultural context that necessitates the business and life-changing programs I can help implement.”Christine BrodmerkelMACP, Professional Coach, ELI-MP

“A great retreat that allowed all of us to grow and bond in a safe arena. The caterer was out of this world!”

Dee Baldus
Sales Consultant

Keen Consultant Orientation Kick-Off 

Background of KeenAlignment
Being a Keen Consultant
State of Mind 
Retraining the Brain
The Health of the Practitioner  
Business Model
Creating Yourself as a Leader

Keen’s Current Opening

Strategic Talent Management Consultant/Coach

You are an experienced masterful coach and skilled consultant who has a deep desire to make a positive and sustainable impact in the world of work, and you have a fundamental belief in the power of the human spirit. You are a leader who operates with high integrity, does what you say and delivers high quality projects on time. You are a person who thrives in high-paced environments where you are instrumental in creating solutions that deliver strong ROI for customers and those they employ. You are committed to building a consulting practice within the framework of a successful enterprise and the support of a larger, connected team.

We are building our tribe. We offer competitive consultant rates, a flexible work schedule, and significant investment in your personal and professional development. We are adding a few Key Members to our Consulting team within the following areas of expertise:

-Strategic HR/Talent Management

-Cultural Transformation Consultant/Coach

-Leadership Development

-Masterful Retreat Leaders/Facilitators


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