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Using Psychometric Data to Energize and Optimize Your Teams

August 15, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - September 30, 2019 @ 3:00 pm

This is for Strategic Talent Management professionals who want to unlock the wealth of talent in their workplace and unleash the human potential in their team members.

This is a 5-module remote Psychometric Assessment Training Series.

The power of data is a profound competitive advantage when learning how to best optimize your people in the workplace.

You learn how the various sections of the psychometric assessment are quite different, yet very interrelated when it comes to assessing how people relate to others and tasks in the workplace. You gain knowledge of how to incorporate psychometric data by getting into the heart and mind of the person; how they work, think, communicate, as well as their dimensional balance and decision-making process. We address how to apply this psychometric assessment to all of the use cases, including hiring, coaching/mentoring, performance management/team member development, leadership benchmarking, workforce planning, succession planning and overall organizational development.

We discuss the 7 unique dimensions of Value & Motivation. Values help influence behavior and action and can be considered somewhat of a hidden motivation, because they are not readily observable. Understanding a person’s values helps to tell you why they prefer to do what they do. It is vital for superior performance to ensure that a person’s motivations are satisfied by what they do. This drives passion and internal drive, reduces fatigue and improves overall performance.

We dig into the 4 work styles:

1) Approach to problem-solving and obtaining results
2) Approach to interacting with people and display of emotions
3) Approach to the pace of the work environment 
4) Approach to standards, procedures, and expectations

We review how there’s a Natural Style Pattern, how one tends to behave when they aren’t thinking about it. As well as an Adaptive Style Pattern, the style of behavior one adapts to when they’re conscious of their behavior, when they feel they’re being observed, or whenever they’re trying to better fit a situation.

You are introduced to the 3 distinct dimensions of value: intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in how they are able to apply these different dimensions when making decisions. Not every human utilizes each dimension in synchronization with the others. People often have an unconscious bend or preference for one dimension over the other. While some prefer the intrinsic dimension, others are more inclined to think in an extrinsic sense, or in a systemic way, and the results of any one individual’s thought process depend on the amount of focus they place on the combination of these 3 dimensions. We also discuss how to interpret the external and internal aspects when it comes to Empathy, Practical Thinking, Systems Judgment, Self-Esteem/Self-Belief, Role Awareness and Self-Direction.

We look at the 7 main categories of attributes that are crucial in assessing leadership competency: Envisioning an Outcome, Understanding Your Supporters, Communicating Your Vision, Serving Others, Inspiring Others, Guiding Others and Developing Yourself. We also review the sub-categories of competencies that roll up into these primary categories.

Upon attendance of the 5 meetings and successful completion of the course requirements to include coaching and feedback, you are certified in Keen Psychometric Assessment Interpretation, which integrates neuroscience, organizational effectiveness and personal effectiveness with this instrument.

The dates/times are listed below, so please contact Stephane Sarkiss at 
1-855-KEEN-REG (533-6734) to register today with special pricing!

Aug. 15th from 3-5pm PDT
Aug. 20th from 4-6pm PDT
Sep. 4th from 3-5pm PDT
Sep. 13th from 3-5pm PDT
Sep. 30th from 2-3pm PDT


August 15, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
September 30, 2019 @ 3:00 pm




Stephane Sarkiss