BREAKTHROUGH in Communications

Communications Intelligence Workshop

The largest deterrent of high performance and organizational momentum is breakdowns in communication. In fact, lack of communication is ranked as the #1 constraint to achieving organizational excellence. There are certainly classes available that teach about having courageous conversations, and others that promise to elevate performance management conversations, and even others that focus on non-violent communications; however, the reality is that we are only as effective in communication as our state of mind allows us to be in the moment we are communicating.

The national scientific research reports that human beings have between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day, every day, and 85% of those thoughts are negative and repetitive. When people are caught up in their personal thinking and assume others experience the same reality as they do, communication naturally breaks down.

In this dynamic, interactive Communications Intelligence workshop, your team experiences how communication is most often constrained by our personal thinking and outside-in reactions to stimuli at work.

In this Full Day, BREAKTHROUGH in Communications workshop, your team members experience breakthroughs in trust, connecting with others and being a part of, and highly effective at collaborative discussions. You provide the commitment to communication as a core organizational competency, the vision for your team to accelerate and the space to make it happen.

We provide the communication keys that inspire and encourage a higher level of commitment, alignment and collaboration among your employees. In this full day interactive workshop, your team members gain an understanding of the four levels of listening that dissolve communication barriers,
build trust and foster cooperation and commitment. Through interactive exercises, participants gain insight and traction on the power of enrollment and how it causes new possibilities for breakthroughs in partnership, collaboration and innovation.

When your participants complete the training, they have a new level of understanding what it takes to effectively communicate with others and build effective work partnerships. Your team learns and understands the power of communication and how when done well, it builds trust, transparency and connection. Your people walk away from the training with leading-edge strategies for creating and nurturing a culture of open, skillful communication throughout your organization.

As a result of participating in this workshop, organizational communication shifts and aligns with the purpose of the enterprise, and becomes the conduit for operating effectiveness. The result is employee engagement soars, innovation thrives, and performance breakthroughs happen.

* Bilingual Spanish Facilitation Available

Here is what our customers say about our Communications Intelligence Workshop:

“It is very difficult to get 200+ people in a room with different languages, cultures, longevity and age differences to work on communication. Most of our team is not used to sitting in a room or being trained for a full day. We get fidgety and lose concentration. Yet, Magi and her team were able to achieve something that I haven’t seen in my almost 13 years at AB&I. They were able to bridge the language, culture, longevity gap seamlessly! Having the translators there who understand what it is to immigrate and deal with the challenges of language and culture was outstanding!

The flow of the day, the games, the engagement and being able to adjust quickly to what the group was sensing shows the professionalism and caliber of Magi and her team!

Thank you for engaging us, provoking us to think differently and to community at a higher level not only at work but at home!”

Zeydi Gutierrez
Director of Business Operations, AB&I Foundry

“The team activities that Keen has brought in have positioned me to build relationships where one didn’t really exist and to strengthen those that did exist. From my point of view, this has permitted me to take the unique perspective of stepping back and examine how I operate from another’s perspective or mindset. KeenAlignment’s focus on the changing work environment and dynamics of new employees entering the workforce has been extremely beneficial to Clow.”

Andy Holmberg
Machine Shop Manager, Clow Valve