Aligning Strategy, People & Culture

Shaping a High-Performance Culture

It is becoming best practice for organizations to explore Alignment as a way to improve overall organizational performance. You may or may not be aware that the number one driver of employee engagement is employees feeling connected to the purpose and mission of the organization. A cohesive, high-performance workplace occurs when people are aligned, and inspired by their role and the difference their work causes for the end user and customer, in the real world. Organizations that invest in shaping a constructive culture outperform companies that do not by 202%. (Gallup Poll)

In this inspirational preview into the transformative world of Cultural Alignment, your team gets to explore the possibility of working in and leading an organization where people are high-achieving, self-actualized, affiliative, and humanistic. This workshop can be led for 7- 35 people effectively and is 3.5 hours in duration.

People walk away from the workshop with an inspiring sense of possibility, along with a good dose of reality with regards to what it is going to take from them personally to be a contributing member of a cultural transformation program. We provide training on aligning your organization’s human systems (including roles and responsibilities, employee selection, new hire onboarding, performance management, employee development, etc.) with your overall vision, core values and organizational philosophy. We give you the recipe to integrate your people strategy and your business strategy through shaping a constructive corporate culture and building a Best Place to Work.

Here is what our customers say about our Shaping a High-Performance Culture – Introduction to Cultural Alignment Workshop:

“Once again…thank you, for delivering a phenomenal transformation exercise. It delivered perspective, personal growth and a path where the team is much better positioned to collaboratively execute to the vision of innovation leadership. I have to also express compliments for making it a “real” program. Everyone was moved and inspired to become better as both people and colleagues….You bring huge credibility and energy…”

Bill Bentinck
VP/GM, Eugenus

“Margo at KeenAlignment was a great coach! She gave us the skills as a company to be able to grow and to be an engaged team. She also gave me as an individual the skills to be able to show my confidence as a leader. I have a new bright outlook on my future as a confident leader in my industry. I want to give a huge thank you to Margo and her team of wonderful coaches. They gave me an opportunity to show my confidence, that will help me be a great leader going forward in my career in an ever-changing engineering world. I highly recommend Margaret Graziano and KeenAlignment if you are looking for ways in growing your company into being an engaged and innovated leader in your industry.”

Katie Roy
EIC Designer, Aqua-Chem