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Affiliate Program

The Conscious Hiring® and Development Affiliate Program is a prime opportunity to align yourself with a catalyst for the 21st Century Talent Evolution, Workforce Optimization, and Human Potential in the workplace movement while earning profits that result from sharing our work with your community. When you provide your community with KeenAlignment’s links to thought-provoking content, strategic HR solutions, transformative workshops and certification programs, you give them with an opportunity to elevate their knowledge in Talent and HR solutions, while maximizing their effectiveness in the workplace.

Our dynamic, paradigm shifting content evokes genuine, productive change in the hiring process for participants and transforms them into discerning interviewers. They learn a lean recruiting model to increase efficiency in the hiring process and gain more control over attracting, in less time, qualified candidates, who are aligned to their company’s values and a natural fit for the position offered.

Enroll as an affiliate and share our promotional links on your website and/or social media, and we thank you with a commission for referral sales.


  • Free, simple, and quick to apply.
  • Expand your income stream potential by earning a 15% commission per completed product purchase.
  • Elevate the value of your site and content by connecting with a high-traffic, high-impact web presence.
  • Take advantage of our enticing, flexible, and easy to insert banners and ads.


We pay you on the 15th of every month for the previous month's sales. For every product purchased through your affiliate link, you'll earn a referral fee of 15%. (Please note that the commission is based on completion of the order and receipt of funds.)

The Process

  • Complete the application form.
  • Decide how you will share KeenAlignment: links, banner, ads etc.
  • Start linking to KeenAlignment as soon as you receive acceptance into the program. We'll send helpful instructions to integrate links and banners into your website, to make the process as simple as possible on you.
  • Get paid each month for the previous month's sales.