Retaining employees is a lot like being in a relationship: it takes a lot of hard work, but the payoff is well worth the effort. This is especially the case when more companies enter your market. New competitors mean you’ll have to work extra hard to find top talent, so the last thing you want to do is lose any of your current employees. But when so many employees have different goals and expectations, how do you establish a workplace environment that appeals to everyone? Although it might not be possible to retain every employee, here are four things you can change about your organization to increase retention overall.


1. Hire for the Long-term


Before an individual becomes a part of your organization, try to determine what their long-term aspirations are and if those aspirations align with your company. Although you’ll want to be wary of candidates whose resumes portray them as frequent job hoppers, it would also be unfair to assume that this will always be the case. Employees change jobs for a variety of reasons, but among the most common are an unsatisfactory salary, an apparent lack of professional growth opportunities, and a poor work-life balance. By assessing what candidates want out of a job and creating an environment that suits their needs, you’re more likely to solidify your organization as the one candidates were looking for all along.


2. Provide Growth Opportunities


Recruiting individuals with the right skills is a priority for any organization, but too often, organizations forget to invest in the professional growth of their current employees. Although it can be tempting to recruit for new openings externally, it may sometimes be a better measure to promote internally. That’s because your current employees already possess a firm understanding of what it is that your company does, who you generally work with, and what is standard protocol, so providing them with opportunities to advance their skill set may make them more effective in the long run. This might come in the form of granting employees more training sessions, certifications, or even an improved sense of receptiveness toward current employees when considering new applicants for a role.


3. Increase Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is a broad encompassing term that refers to the extent to which employees feel fulfilled in the work that they do, are committed to the success of the organization, and feel determined to play a role in this success. Many organizations find it easy to foster an environment centered around success, but how do you account for how engaged employees feel in their actual work? Too often, employees’ days consist of completing lists of monotonous duties—such as keeping track of data, generating reports, or responding to emails—that take away from the more fulfilling parts of their role. Although it may be worth reassessing their workflow and identifying ways to remove nonessential tasks from their schedules, many organizations are experiencing success by utilizing AI software that can automate any web-based task. This technology has helped organizations make great strides toward increasing efficiency and employee engagement, particularly because most of the duties that can be performed by automated software are essential toward a project’s completion. However, the amount of time saved by incorporating this technology allows employees to refocus their efforts toward work they find more meaningful and engaging.


4. Provide a Healthy Work-Life Balance


Remember, employees have a life outside of their occupation, and stretching them too thin can be detrimental to their mental health, time with their families, and loyalty to your organization. Just as a company expects greatness out of their workforce, an employee expects a company to respect their time and other obligations. To demonstrate this, try offering your employees greater work flexibility. Allowing them to work remotely, have flexible hours, or take an adequate amount of time off might be the change they need to feel appreciated. By doing this, you’ll also strengthen the bond they have with your organization, which will drive them to become strong brand ambassadors who will want to work hard for your organization and stay the course through thick and thin.


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